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Acquisition of Chery heavy industries aimed at agricultural machinery
Author:admin    Date:2014/8/19 16:50:15    Count:1169
Agricultural power industry breakthrough.
Zhan Chunxin said, the acquisition will become another milepost event ZOOMLION entered the agricultural machinery, will boost the company quickly became the leading domestic agricultural machinery enterprises, to achieve structural transformation and industrial upgrading, make agriculture machinery becomes after environmental industry, engineering machinery, another company profit growth strong and business highlights.
For the selection of agricultural machinery as the direction of transformation and upgrading of enterprises, ZOOMLION said, the food problem is always one of the most important national strategy China, and vigorously develop modern agriculture is an important guarantee of food security. Especially the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen proposed land reform objectives and the implementation of the plan, will further promote the development and prosperity of Chinese agriculture, which greatly increase the agricultural machinery China market demand. ZOOMLION pointed out that, from the perspective of the development of agricultural industry, China is a large agricultural country, Chinese modernization cannot do without the modernization of agriculture, agricultural modernization cannot do without agriculture machinery of the modern, this situation fundamentally determines the huge potential demand for agricultural machinery.