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Hong Kong media: robot ride success across Canada
Author:admin    Date:2014/8/19 16:50:15    Count:1085
Reference News Network August 20th reported according to Hongkong "Ming Pao Daily News" website reported on August 20th, the Canadian robot HitchBOT with cute appearance and articulate, win people's help, successfully completed a 3 week in Canada, and 6000 km ride journey between robots and humans, primarily proved that can build mutual trust.
For 3 weeks the entire 6000 km
HitchBOT to cylindrical old beer cooler for the body, an LED lamp board when the preservation box cover using a plastic cake, with blue foam control limbs, body and the height 1 meters, weight 6.8 kg child comparable. In July 26th it boots, wearing bright yellow rubber gloves, hat head bin alone from Halifax, Nova Scotia province of eastern Canada (Halifax), spread across Canada trip. It is on the side of the road and the driver told passers-by stopped, "I want to go to Vitoria, British Columbia (Victoria), please take me to the west". Meter driver assistance in ten, it arrived in Vitoria on Monday, scheduled for Thursday in the city an arts center to attend the "welcome" ceremony.
HitchBOT built-in global positioning system and 3G system, has a girl, can use voice recognition software to identify human discourse and respond appropriately, the journey can chat with others, with strangers in indigenous party, wedding, afternoon tea and other activities, and will eventually and travel pictures on the Internet, has attracted more than 33500 Twitter followers, in the Facebook win over 40000 "".
Testing and human interaction and mutual trust
HitchBOT is Professor Smith Department of communication (David H. Smith) and Zele (Frauke Zeller) the crystallization. They said, in addition to the test of artificial intelligence technology, also hope that through HitchBOT ride task of exploring the "science and technology interactive" human and increasingly ubiquitous way.
HitchBOT needs to solve problems by kind people around, such as button of automobile safety belt. It is driven by solar energy, charge once every 6 hours. It and human in this test were performed well, not be used for illegal activities tool. Research team said, it will continue to America, Germany, Holland, Philippines and other places to do the experiment.