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Machinery industry "outperform" show signs of recovery in first half profit rate of the industry
Author:admin    Date:2014/8/19 16:50:15    Count:1028
In the situation of our country's downtown pressure on the economy is significant, China's machinery industry overall show running posture stability duthe first half of this year.
ring Recently, Chinese Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China") held "the first half of 2014 machinery industrial economic operation situation" press conference in beijing. CMIF executive vice president Chen Bin said at the meeting, since the increase since the beginning of machinery industry of major economic indicators are higher than the national average level of industry, export situation is good, new achievements in research and innovation, showing a positive change and upgrading of the industrial structure adjustment.
According to the machine in conjunction with prediction, the affected base last year, the second half of the industry growth rate has dropped, but the overall situation is stable. "Expects full year sales growth of about 12%, profit growth at around 15%, foreign trade export growth rate will be higher than the previous year's level." Chen Bin said.
Higher than the national industry
According to the National Bureau of statistics, since this year China machinery and industrial added value growth rate has been higher than the national industry. 1-6 month machinery industrial added value cumulative growth of 11.2%, higher than the national industrial added value growth rate 2.4 percentage points, than the same period last year, machinery industry growth rate 2 percentage points higher.
Reporters from the meeting was informed that, in the machinery industry, automobile industry running situation better than non automotive industry, rather than the operation situation of automobile industry is also better than the industry average level.
"Because the machinery industry has the energy, resource consumption is relatively light, technology, service of higher value-added features, and provide basic equipment industry for the development of national economy, so the development of machinery industry faster than the national average level of industrial structure adjustment, with Chinese industrial upgrade requirements." Chen Bin so analysis.
From the mechanical industrial benefit, since this year profit growth has been faster than revenue growth, a continuation of the second half of last year's rally. The specific point of view, 1-6 month accumulative total profit of 715300000000 yuan, an increase of 19.58%; realize the main business income of 10.4 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 11.52%; profit growth higher than the main business revenue growth of 8.06 percentage points, higher than the same period last year 7 percentage points.
Inter industry differentiation
In 64 kinds of machinery industrial products released by the National Bureau of statistics, production during the first half year-on-year growth of 45, accounted for 70.31%, 14.06 percentage points higher than the previous year, output fell by 19, accounted for 29.69%.
In this regard, Chen Bin pointed out that the characteristics of the five sector economic operation situation. First, the rapid growth of automobile production and sales, in the first half of this year reached 11780000 vehicles and 11680000, year-on-year growth of 9.6% and 8.36%, while passenger car sales rose 11.18%, commercial vehicle sales fell 3.18%.
Secondly, good growth and related products in the industrial policy, environmental protection and other countries to encourage consumption, wind power equipment, internal combustion engine, analysis instrument, optical instrument, increase pump, fan, compressor, air separation equipment, environmental protection equipment, motor and other large yield.
Furthermore, with the larger investment, real estate, iron and steel, coal and other industry related products are showing a downturn. For example, engineering machinery industry in the first quarter of economic recovery have more obvious, but the 4, in May and again in the fall, mainly by the mine operating rate, coal, mining, aggregate demand decline of earth moving machinery, engineering machinery 1-6 months of representative products of excavator and loader monthly and cumulative year-on-year decline in both.
Mr. Chen Bin made specific mention of the agricultural machinery industry, by slowing down the impact of market demand, although the beginning of agricultural industry situation is acceptable, but large and medium-sized tractor production down from month to month, 1-6 month accumulative total of small and medium-sized tractor production has been negative growth.
In addition, power transmission equipment and related products have varying degrees of growth.